Hardware / Software Technical Support

PDP / Vax / Alpha / Integrity technical Support

MIT Offers technical support for both hardware and software. We are specialised in PDP, VAX, Alpha, ProLiant, Integrity servers and Open VMS. We also offer software licensing and re-licensing services.

Support Types Series and Models supported

VAX Server Support

Vax 11/730, Vax 11/750, Vax11/780.
Vax 3000 & 4000 series.
Vax 8200 to Vax8800 series.
Vax 6200 to Vax6600 series.
Micro Vax 2.

AlphaServer Support

AlphaStation series
AlphaServer series 1000, 1000A, 1200, 2000, 2100, 2100A, 4000, 4100, 8200, 8400, DS10, DS10L, DS20, DS20E, DS25, ES40, ES45, ES47, ES80, GS80, GS160, GS320, GS1280

ProLiant Server Support

Proliant 1000 to 8000 series, Full peripheral maintenance support for all attached units.

Integrity Server Support

Integrity RX, SX and NS series.

PDP Support

PDP 11/03, 11/34, 11/44, 11/70, 11,23, 11/73, 11/93, 11/94

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