MicroVax II System

MicroVax IIThe MicroVAX II was based on a single, quad-sized 32-bit processor board and contained the MicroVAX chip (which included memory management).

The machine featured a floating-point coprocessor chip, 1MB of on-board memory, Q22-bus interface, Q22-map for DMA transfers, interval timer, boot and diagnostic facility, console serial line unit and time-of-year clock.

Technology NMOS
Number of Processors 1
Relative Performance x VAX-11/780 (1 MIP) 0.9
Maximum Memory Support 16 MB
Memory Type Parity
Mass-storage Capacity
Max. Local 4 Port Disk Controllers 2
Max. Local Disk Capacity 2.8 GB
VAXcluster I/O Servers (HSCs) N/A
I/O Bus Capacity
Max I/O Throughput 3.3 MB/s
Bus Type 1 Q-bus
LAN Support Optional
Ethernet Adapters Optional
CI VAXcluster System Support N/A
Ethernet VAXcluster System Support Optional
CPU Upgrade Kit N/A
System Software VMS, ULTRIX-32, VAXELN
Processor Features
Floating Point Accelerator Standard
Floating Point Data Types F, D, G, H
Cache Size N/A
Cache Cycle Time N/A
ISO 9001 IBM Digital HP Cisco Compaq

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