MicroVax 3800-3900 System

The MicroVAX 3800 and 3900 were introduced in 1989, based on the CVAX+ chip manufactured in 1.5-micrometer CMOS technology.

MicroVAX 3800, MicroVax 3900
Relative Performance x VAX-11/780 (1 MIP) 3.8
Technology CMOS
Number of Processors 1
Max. Vector Processors Supported N/A
Max. Memory Support 64 MB
Memory Type ECC
Mass-storage Capacity
Max. Local Disk Capacity (formatted) MV 3800: 2.4 GB
MV 3900: 9.7 GB
VAXcluster I/O Servers N/A
I/O Bus Capacity
Max I/O Throughput 3.3 MB/s
Bus Type 1 Q-bus
1 DSSI bus
LAN Support Standard
Ethernet Adapters Up to 2
CI VAXcluster System Support N/A
Ethernet VAXcluster Support Optional
CPU Upgrade Kit N/A
System Software VMS, ULTRIX, VAXELN
Processor Features
Floating Point Accelerator Standard
Floating Point Data Types F, D, G, H
Cache Size 1 KB on chip
64 KB on board
Cache Cycle Time 60 ns on chip
120 on board
Cache Cycle Time 100 ns on chip

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