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HP Integrity rx3600 Server- new, refurbished, spares & re-licensing

HP Integrity rx3600 server

HP Integrity rx3600 Server

Feature  Description
Processor Dual-core Intel® Itanium® 9140M and 9120 N with following fetures
  • 1.42 GHz/12 MB Dual-core (9120N)
  • 1.66 GHz/18 MB Dual-core (9140M)
  • 32KB on L1, 1MB on L2 12MB/18MB on L3 Cache
  • Bus bandwidth: 12.8 GB/s
  • RAM type: PC2-4200 ECC chip spare DDR2
  • Capacity: 192 GB maximum
  • Memory slots: 24 DIMM slots
  • Internal hard drive bays: 8 Serial
  • Attached SCSI small form factor (SFF) 2.5 inch drives
  • Disk products: 36 GB, 72 GB, 146 GB & 300 GB
  • Maximum storage: 2.4 TB Removable media: 1 open bay for DVD
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10/100Base-T LAN for Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO2) management

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