HP9000 rp3410 / rp3440 Server

The hp 9000 rp3410 is a 2 way and hp 9000 rp3440 Server is a 4 way rack mount or tower server based on the PA-RISC processor family architecture.

The rp3410 and rp3440 are mid-range Internet and Application Servers, utilizing the HP-UX operating system. Both servers use a 2U high EIA enclosure which mounts in any standard 19 EIA rack. All external cabling enters and exits from the rear of the enclosure. There is space for 3 hot-swappable hard disk drives. Redundant power supplies are optional.

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HP9000 rp3440 server

HP9000 rp3440 's Features:

  • Processor - 200MHz FSB, double data rate, 6.4GB/s peak data bandwidth

  • 133MHz memory bus frequency, 266MTransfers/s data, 8.5GB/s peak data bandwidth

  • Maximum memory size of 6GB (rp3410) and 24GB (rp3440)

  • 4 independent PCI-X 133MHz 64bit 3.3V 15W slots. No 5V card & hot plug support Internal core I/O
  • 1 internal IDE connector for a slimline optical device (CD&DVD)
  • 1 10/100/1000Base-T ethernet LAN connectors for copper cable
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 general purpose or console / debug/headless 9 pins serial ports, 16550 compatible

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