Equipment Disposal

Maximising Return On Investment Through IT Refurbishment & Disposal

MIT has integrated a sophisticated Refurbishment & Disposal operation within our IT management service solution. Governed by rigorous ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:1996 Management Systems.

Overview Of Key Benefits To MIT Customers

Through MIT Refurbishment & Disposal our Customerís have been able to realise increased productivity and minimise expenditure through:

  • Control Costs
  • Improve quality and reliability of service
  • Eliminate grey areas in the division of responsibilities of MIT Customers and the Contractor
  • Make the contractor accountable for all aspects of the service
  • Ensure an orderly transition and start-up to the contract

Examples Of Benefits

Maintenance Management
Prompt data from MIT on items processed ensures that sent for final disposal are removed from maintenance and support contracts saving on average £40 per seat per annum.
Reduced Management Overhead
By outsourcing the task of Disposal companies are able to focus on core business needs whilst also allowing savings on cost of storage and human resource.
Data Protection Legislation
Through using industry leading specialist software MIT provides peace of mind that all regulations pertaining to the Data Protection Act 1998 are adhered to.  Non-compliance can potentially lead to court action and unlimited damages
Protection Of Company Data
In addition to protecting customer data MIT ensures that any commercially sensitive data is not obtained by the public or competitors
Environmental Legislation
Becoming evermore complicated and resource demanding MIT ensures that final disposal is consistent with all current and anticipated environmental legislation. Non-compliance can potentially lead to financial penalties
Comprehensive Asset Tracking
Through 100% asset tracking of all equipment processed for disposal or redeployment MIT ensures all the necessary information to prove compliance to applicable environmental & business legislation is provided.  In effect all product information and work undertaken is carried out and recorded against an individual barcode for each item processed.  No item is allowed to leave MIT’s warehouse until all specified services, e.g. hard drive erasure, have been completed.
Quality Management
All re-marketing processes are governed by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 management systems, which enable MIT to provide a full audit trail of each asset through to its final destination and purchaser.  Every service activity is tracked and measured against service level agreements (SLA).  Improvements come from analysing and preventative measures.
Visibility Of End-To-End Processes

By providing quality management information MIT is able to help companies analysis, control and reduce their cost base, facilitate benchmarking and drive improvement around your asset’s lifecycle

Central Control With Localised Customisation
MIT’s Refurbishment & Disposal solution enables companies to implement our services on an individual business unit / project / country basis and customise them to your particular needs.  However, these will be achieved through a standard interface and central guidelines allowing a standardised approach where deemed necessary.  As a whole, each requirement can also be managed, reported on and financially controlled centrally
Maximised Residual Return
MIT’s specialist sales team utilise their extensive knowledge of the global second-hand market to realise the full residual value for redundant equipment. Through a utilising a unique top down approach, MIT misses out the middle man and goes straight to the final user (i.e. maintenance organisations) rather than just selling on mass at a low value.  Ultimately this increases the residual return on MIT Customers resale assets
All MIT premises are risk assessed and security standards are then set, subject to the activities and function of the premises.  Security of all storage areas include protection by intruder alarm systems; security dog guarding; CCTV systems; Electronic and digital access control systems; Physical Security Measures (i.e. fenced compounds with restricted access controlled by security officers);

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