HP AlphaStation DS20E


AlphaStation DS20 is 2-processors design that outperforms many 4-processor servers.

Powered by up to two 68/833 MHz or 67/667 MHz Alpha 64-bit processors, the AlphaServer DS20E system outperforms many 4-processor systems, yet comes in a space-saving 5U package with the price tag of a departmental server.

Excellent for Internet, telecommunications, and other demanding applications because of its high availability features, including hot swap drives and fans, dual power supplies (with an optional third), and clustering support.


AlphaStation DS20E - MIT



  • Up to 2 833 MHz or 667 MHz processors
  • 8 MB L2 DDR cache per processor
  • Advanced crossbar-switch capabilities to balance data flow and boost productivity with 5.2 GB/s peak memory bandwidth
  • Small pedestal or standard 19-inch rack-mount design that saves space and provides easy access for upgrades and maintenance
  • Up to 4 GB of ECC memory
  • Enhanced application support from 64-bit very large memory (VLM64) and advanced clustering technology
  • Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS, or Linux-ready

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