HP / Compaq AlphaServer GS160

Enterprise reliability, architected with an Alpha edge.

The AlphaServer GS160 system is ideal for e-business and other critical enterprise applications with requirements for high availability or rapid growth.

A powerful, scalable server with up to sixteen 1.224 GHz Alpha EV68 processors, it provides ultra high availability and innovative architecture for managing massive data in record time.

The system's modular structure allows you to purchase only currently needed infrastructure and CPUs, while still preparing for explosive growth. Single system management lets you add capacity without adding people. Unique partitions allow mixed operating systems on the same server for workload management and server consolidation.

Can grow into a fully configured 32-way AlphaServer GS320. Runs Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS, and Linux Developer's Kit.

AlphaServer GS160


  • Up to 16 1.224 GHz Alpha processors
  • Up to 128 GB of ECC memory
  • Over 26GB/s aggregate internal bandwidth
  • 16 MB ECC memory onboard cache per CPU
  • Up to 112 PCI slots on 32 PCI buses
  • Up to four system partitions and mixed CPU speeds
  • Complete "lights out" system management
  • Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS and Linux Advanced Developers Kit support

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