HP AlphaServer GS1280 - Refurbished, Spares, Relicensing, Maintenance

HP AlphaServer GS1280 designed to offer power across the enterprise, with up to 64 processors.

HP AlphaServer GS1280 is ideal for ultimate computing platform in telecommunications, business intelligence, business applications, high performance technical computing and server consolidation. HP AlphaServer GS1280 systems supports up to 64 EV7 Alpha processors.

The AlphaServer GS1280 system is available in 8-, 16-, 32- , or 64-way expandable models. You can configure your system into cluster-worthy, 2-processor partitions, giving you up to 32 virtual servers from a single 64-way system! Now you have the flexibility to move resources where needed, when needed.

HP AlphaServer GS1280 - MIT LimitedHP AlphaServer GS1280 - MIT Limited

AlphaServer GS1280 server

AlphaServer GS1280 's Features:

  • 2 to 64 1.15 GHz Alpha processors
  • 8 GB / processor ECC RDRAM memory
    16 GB / processor in 2004*
  • 205 GB/s I/O bandwidth (maximum)
  • 1.75 MB ECC on-chip cache / processor
  • 704 PCI/PCI-X slots, 1 to 64 AGP slots, StorageWorks
  • Optional RAID memory
  • Up to32 system partitions
  • Complete "lights out" system management
  • Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS

•  Worldwide shipping
•  Maintenance and Support
•  Licensing / Transfers
•  Spares with warranty

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DA-1280A-AA AlphaServer GS1280, Model 8, Tru64 UNIX

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DY-1280A-AA AlphaServer GS1280, Model 8, OpenVMS

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DA-1280A-BA AlphaServer GS1280, Model 16, Tru64 UNIX

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DY-1280A-BA AlphaServer GS1280, Model 16, OpenVMS

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DA-1280A-CC AlphaServer GS1280, Model 32, Tru64 UNIX

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DY-1280A-CC AlphaServer GS1280, Model 32, OpenVMS

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DA-1280A-BD AlphaServer GS1280, Model 64, Tru64 UNIX

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