HP AlphaServer ES80

Application and database performance optimised.

With up to eight Alpha EV7 processors, the HP AlphaServer ES80 system is ideal for building your departmental-level environment, especially when you demand absolute, flat-out application and database performance.

Available as a scalable 2-, 4-, 6- or 8- processor rack system, the AlphaServer ES80 system packs an amazing amount of power and headroom into a small footprint. Partitioning into one to four segments, this is the most flexible mid-range server we think you’ve ever seen.

Whether you have a commercial infrastructure to build, digital special effects software to master, mountains of databases to sift through, or need application performance that goes beyond what’s available today, think AlphaServer ES80 systems.

HP / Compaq AlphaServer ES80 - MIT Limited


  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 Alpha EV7 processors
  • 8 GB / processor of ECC memory
    16 GB / processor in 2004*
  • 25.6 GB/s I/O bandwidth (maximum)
  • 1.75 MB ECC on-chip cache / processor
  • Embedded: 5 to 20 PCI-X slots on 3 to12 buses; 1 to 4 AGP slots
    External: 11 to 44 PCI/PCI-X slots, 1 to 4 AGP slots
  • Optional RAID memory
  • Up to four partitions (8-processor systems)
  • Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS or Linux-ready

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